Senior Daily Fun

Semaphore – A Game for Seniors

Safety Note:

Don’t hit anything in arm’s or leg’s reach.
Don’t fling anything (rings, shoes, etc.)
Do only what is appropriate and healthy for you.

This exercise is about working through the alphabet to stretch and learn semaphore.

Semaphore is a communications system to visually send messages over long distances, originally from ship to ship. Arm positions indicate letters.

For greater visibility, white flags were used to emphasize arm placements. Arms are held extended to the sides and at various angles to indicate letters.

The positions are straight up, 45-degrees up, horizontal, 45-degrees down and straight down on both the left and right.

Learn the arm positions by alphabetically sharing words for a specific theme.

Make the arm signal for the first letter of the word. Cheat if you have to. Use words beginning with ‘ex’ for ‘x’ and any word with a ‘q’ in it as needed.

Use the theme of the week to gather words to use. We have included a list but see if you can collect your own.

NOTE: The images below are for RECEIVING signals. They show someone facing you. Their right arm is on the left. The chart will help you decode the signals someone is sending you.

Semaphore Chart

Things in a living room

NOTE: The images below are for SENDING signals. Your right arm is on the right side of the image.

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