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Fun Activities for Seniors

This website is for:

  • Seniors to give them entertaining exercises and mentally engaging activities
  • Care givers of seniors to give them a way to provide fun and useful activities

Mental and Physical Senior Exercises (Weekly)

Pictures of seniors exercising

Seniors need both mental and physical exercises. Provided here are a variety of creative and fun sitting exercises that change weekly. There are three audio programs; two are creative exercises about 10 minutes in length and one is a talk to just listen and think about. Others require interaction and someone to lead the group by reading directions off the screen.

If a senior is physically unable to perform these, there are still mental activities for all levels of ability. There should be something for everyone.

Senior Crafts Section (Monthly)

Picture of seniors working with crafts

Not all crafts are appropriate for seniors. Listed are a variety of crafts from simple to complex that change monthly. There are types of activities with monthly suggestions so the activity can be repeated with fresh variations. The crafts generally require inexpensive materials, most of which can be found in the home. These are adult oriented and many are decorative, and some useful.

A few are best done as a team where the idea and design planning can include all levels of skills. Some are very easy and simple, while others can be elaborate. Again, there should be something for everyone.

Entertainment For Seniors (Weekly)

Movies that seniors enjoy range from new to old. Included are movie reviews with recommendations. There are eight categories: romance, musical, comedy, mystery or action, children’s or classic or science fiction, biography or documentary, western or war, and an alternate. Each week there is a new recommendation in the individual eight categories.

These movies avoid senior deaths, difficult accents, movies that are depressing, childish, with excessive swearing or violence and those subtitled. However, there are exceptions to this list that are included.

Caregiver Tips for working with Seniors (Standing)

Having hands on experience with caring for seniors, we have included tips and helpful ideas. These have been useful for us and we hope can help others. Included are gift ideas, visiting tips, and many suggestions for caring directly for seniors.

These are just suggestions and should never replace advice or orders from professionals. Only you know your situation and must use your own best judgement. If ever unsure, ask advice from professionals.

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