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Movies for Seniors to Enjoy

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On this page we offer recommendations for movies that seniors enjoy.

Each week there are new recommendations. These movies avoid senior deaths, difficult accents, movies that are depressing, childish, with excessive swearing or violence and those subtitled. However, there are exceptions to this list that are included.

RomanceThe Competition1980Richard Dryfuss, Amy IrvingTwo contestants in a high level piano competition fall in love yet must still handle the pressure of the contest and deside if their futures should be supporting or separate.28
MusicalPajama Game1957Doris Day, John RaittA new supervisor in a pajama company must tread lightly between his boss and new girlfriend. A true musical.28
ComedyOh, God!1977John Denver, George Burns, Teri GarrGod, as a gentle, wise cracking old guy appears to a 'nobody' grocery manager to let him tell the world that all is OK. The obvious challenges of the manager not believing and then no one else believing make for a fun, sweet movie.28
Mystery/ActionKey Largo1948Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Edward G. RobinsonA war vet stops in to visit a war buddy's family and finds them reluctantly hosting a Mafia meeting. Will he stay passive or put up resistance28
Western/WarAnzio1968Robert Mitchum, Peter FalkBased on actual events during the invasion of Italy, this is a movie about soldiers from the perspective of a war correspondent and highlights the political trials of coalition fighting.28
Classic/Childrens/Science FictionStar Trek IV: The Voyage Home1986William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest KelleyThe crew of the Enterprise must go back in time to present day to save the future earth.Note: This movie is the fourth part of the story but probably the easiest to understand for those not familiar with the series.28
Biography/DocumentaryLawrence of Arabia1962Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif, Anthony QuinnAn extra-ordinary film about an extraordinary man on the far flung edges of the First World War. But an extraordinary man is still just a man; as are all men. Iconic score, amazing cinematography and epic in scope, this is the film that defines the word epic.28
AlternateTopkapi1964Melina Mercouri, Peter UstinovA great heist movie. A bejeweled dagger is to be stolen from the Topkapi museum in Istanbul. A patsy is found to help smuggle weapons into Turkey and when found out is turned against the suspected terrorist group. Does he stay turned against them?28
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