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On this page we offer recommendations for movies that seniors enjoy.

Each week there are new recommendations. These movies avoid senior deaths, difficult accents, movies that are depressing, childish, with excessive swearing or violence and those subtitled. However, there are exceptions to this list that are included.

RomancePeggy Sue Got Married1986Kathleen Turner, Nickolas CageA woman facing divorce from her high school sweetheart attends her 25th high school reunion and goes back in time. The question is, will she change how her life turns out?22
MusicalMeet Me In St. Louis1944Judy Garland, Margaret O'Brien This follows the life of a family in St. Louis for the year leading up to the World's Fair of 1904. The teenagers have romance ups and downs, the family has a trial and the kids get into trouble but it all turns out all right. A fun story with great songs.22
ComedyThe Odd Couple1968Jack Lemmon, Walter MatthauPoker playing buddies decide to live together when one is kicked out of his home by his wife. The compulsive neat nick and compulsive slob learn to appreciate each other even though they can't live together.Note: This is the classic Neil Simon play that spawned a TV series.22
Mystery/ActionThe Italian Job1969Michael Caine, Noel CowardA newly released British crook is handed the blue print for an audacious gold heist of $4 million from the Italians. With Turin hosting the British/Italian soccer match and their computerized traffic system, the clogged streets just invite the heist. Fun.Note: There was a remake in 2003 which has a few similarities but is also a great heist movie.22
Western/WarThe Longest Day1962ManyThe groundbreaker in the modern docu-drama category, this epic tells the story of the Normandy landings from all sides. Meticulously accurate, much of the story is told through the use of anecdotal accounts gleened from those who were there.Note: About one sixth of the movie is subtitled from German.22
Classic/Childrens/Science FictionAnnie1982Ann Reinking, Albert Finney, Carol BurnettAn engaging orphan is taken to a mansion for a week stay but steals hearts. Mr. Warbucks tries to find her parents with a reward but gets only criminals. One couple succeeds but quickly is found out. Lots of fun music and dancing. Note: Based on the comic strip22
Biography/DocumentaryThe Nun's Story1959Audrey Hepburn, Peter FinchBased on the life a nun in Belgium, this begins with her entering the convent. Throughout she struggles with obedience, pride in work as a nurse, personal desires to help in the Congo and when war breaks out, her difficulty forgiving the enemy.Note: There is a dramatic change from silence to a raucous noise at about 1 hour.22
AlternateI Spy Returns2000Robert Culp, Bill CosbyLight hearted spy story continues from the 1960s TV show I Spy with the team of Robinson and Scott following their kids on their assignment together in Paris.22
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