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Movies for Seniors to Enjoy

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On this page we offer recommendations for movies that seniors enjoy.

Each week there are new recommendations. These movies avoid senior deaths, difficult accents, movies that are depressing, childish, with excessive swearing or violence and those subtitled. However, there are exceptions to this list that are included.

RomanceFrom Here to Eternity1953Burt Lancaster, Deborah KerrThis bitter sweet love story has two couples in Hawaii. The two soldiers know each other and this movie ends soon after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This is a powerful but not an uplifting movie.48
MusicalDr. Doolittle1967Rex Harrison, Samantha EggarThis musical is about a doctor who has learned to communicate with animals. In helping a seal by throwing her into the sea, he is accussed of murder. With the help of friends, he escapes and they end up on a floating island. Eventually they all return.Note: Base on the classic children's novel by Hugh Lofting.48
ComedyWe're No Angels1955Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray, Peter UstinovThree escaped convicts from Devil's Island intend to victimize a shop keeper and instead are welcomed and appreciated. The convicts take pity on the dear family and improve their lives, in their own way. A sweet Christmas movie.48
Mystery/ActionChristmas in Connecticut1945Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan, Sydney GreenstreetA beloved magazine journalist regularly writes about her home, her husband and child all of which don't exist. This Christmas her boss innocently offers a stay with her imaginary family to a war hero. Her boss also shows up. 48
Western/WarIn Harm's Way1965John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Kirk DouglasMade long after WWII, this movie has lots of big names and plenty of war including emotional tragedies and heroes. It showcases the bureaucracy, the overreaching war plans and the other human failings that puncuate any historical narrative.48
Classic/Childrens/Science FictionHome Alone1990Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel SternA large family heads off on vacation and the smallest is left behind. Believing he wished them away, he enjoys privacy until bumbling thieves are determined to steal all they can. He cleverly defeats them and wishes his family home who appear on queue.48
Biography/DocumentaryA Canadian Experiment1997The Canadian BrassThis follows the Canadian Brass with families, friends and specifically kids as they put on a Christmas show with costumes and of course their music. An instant favorite.48
AlternateOne Special Night2002Julie Andrews, James GarnerThrown together by an accident in a snow storm, a couple resourcefully spend the night in a cabin. Off to a rocky start they enjoy each other's company. She has lost her husband to Alzheimer's and his beloved wife has Alzheimer's .Note: This may not be appropriate if situations are too similar to life.48
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