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Welcome to Our Senior Activities Website

Senior Daily Fun had its beginnings in an Assisted Living property in West Seattle. As the Administrator, I wanted more engaging sitting exercises from our Activities staff.

Each of our staff members had strengths, but the quality, variety, and creativity depended on who was working. If we could only use a formula that was not boring and repetitive. If we could only have some simple instructions that anyone could use…

While caring for my parents, I tried to develop a plan that anyone could use to get seniors to move safely and keep mentally active. Washington State has “Adult Family Homes” where up to 6 seniors can live and get care in family style homes, but because they are small, they usually lack a staff member who would focus on activities.

This website is geared to those who need help providing exercises and activities for those in their care.

This website has exercises, both mental and physical, and craft suggestions.

Additionally, it includes movies that are senior friendly, selected with the seniors audience in mind. The movies avoid senior deaths, difficult accents, movies that are depressing, childish, with excessive swearing or violence and those subtitled. However, exceptions are included.

Lastly, I have collected tips for working with seniors. This includes gift ideas, visiting tips, and suggestions for caring directly for seniors.

Most of these are from personal experience.

Senior Daily Fun is a product of ActualWorld Publishing, Inc.

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